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Final files & brand guidelines

Brand guidelines and final files - what happens are the end of the branding process at a dozen eggs, what can you expect?

By Fran Johnson : 27/01/2022

Our 2022 Exhibition Wishlist

More and more venues are finding ways to hold their exhibitions and events safely, and we’re looking forward to seeing some of it in person!

By Michelle Barnett : 19/01/2022
Favourite branding agencies

Our top branding agencies in 2022

The field of branding attracts some very interesting and creative people (if we do say so ourselves!) and some talented branding agencies in the UK and beyond. We wanted…

By Fran Johnson : 07/01/2022

How does a Call to Action increase website traffic?

Some of the most common Calls To Action are: buying a product or service, learning more about a subject & contacting the organisation directly.

By Michelle Barnett : 15/12/2021

Vector vs. Raster: What’s the Difference?

Vector graphics are made up of lines, curves and shapes. Think of a vector as a series of dot-to-dots joined up to create paths. Raster graphics are made of pixels - a grid of tiny squares that can be coloured in.

By Fran Johnson : 05/11/2021
Accessibility in web design_thumbnail

Accessibility in web design

By making a website accessible you can make products that are not just better for those with disabilities, but for everyone?

By Michelle Barnett : 10/10/2021