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Brand identities represent an organisation's values to it's audience. We create them by deciding on a brand strategy and then designing brands that encompass this

How to develop a brand identity

Building a brand identity involves a lot of decision making and discussion. Our goal is to create something unique to you, that communicates your service well to the…

By Michelle Barnett : 29/07/2019
Infographics are a great marketing tool for businesses who need to communicate complex information in a simple form. Visual elements increase engagement massively.

Infographics – What they are and when to use them

The term ‘infographics’ gets thrown around a lot, but what it means is any visual representation of data.  This can sound unhelpfully broad; any pie chart you…

By Michelle Barnett : 28/05/2019

What is brand architecture?

Brand architecture is a term used when structuring sub brands - how the sub brands relate to one another and to the master brand.

By Frances Collins : 02/04/2019
Running a branding agency from a small town like Loughborough has ots of benefits to clients

Why do we design brands in Loughborough? – part 2

Branding and web design in Loughborough gives us the bonus of great community relationships, along with connections to clients all over the UK, and even the globe!

By Michelle Barnett : 11/03/2019
There are loads of benefits to running a branding agency from a small town like Loughborough

Why do we design brands in Loughborough? – part 1

Branding and web design don't have to be urban pursuits. Here's what it's like running a branding agency from a small Leicestershire town named Loughborough.

By Michelle Barnett : 11/03/2019
Hands hover over a crystal ball, being used to tell the future

Predicting the future: our 2018 design review

Data mining, parallax scrolling and branding with fonts - we're reviewing how graphic design and web development changed in 2018 - 2019

By Michelle Barnett : 07/01/2019