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Rebranding on a budget

A logo that works, and looks great is a very satisfying thing. It can increase pride, or decrease embarrassment. It can encourage forward thinking and it can increase sales.

By Fran Johnson : 28/02/2020
how to build a brand in 10 steps

How to build your brand in 10 steps

How to build a brand: a guide for develop your brand strategy in ten steps. Straight forward advice to building a strong brand for your company.

By Fran Johnson : 21/02/2020

How to develop your brand personality

Avoiding trend based design and starting with brand strategy are key to developing your brand's personality.

By Fran Johnson : 13/02/2020
Boosting our design in the run-up to 2020

How we boosted our design in 2019

It’s that time again. It’s not just a new year, but also a new decade!  It’s the perfect moment to cast our eye back over the year…

By Michelle Barnett : 06/01/2020

How do I adjust my tone of voice for social media?

Our organisations should already have a ‘tone of voice’ as part of their brand. This is the way companies presents themselves to clients, employees and stakeholders through the…

By Michelle Barnett : 29/10/2019
Having a brand strategy gives you control over the how clients, employees percoeve your brand - your image. brand can include a lot of elements, depending on what makes the most sense for your market. There could be logos, visuals, colours, use of language, phone manner, building layout, product and packaging design… The list goes on!

Why is brand strategy important?

The importance of Brand Strategy is easy to overlook. It sounds like jargon, but actually it’s a straightforward idea. A strategy is simply a plan that lays out…

By Michelle Barnett : 22/10/2019