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Stuart Brady

Labour's candidate for Loughborough at the next general election.

Stuart Brady approached a dozen eggs to create a campaign for Loughborough University students. Spreading a number of messages with clarity including the main student message to #scrapfees.

Scrap tuition fees with Stuart Brady Loughborough
Scrap tuition feeds with Stuart Brady

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Stuart Brady leaflet for Loughborough

a dozen eggs developed an illustration style that could be copied easily and worked alongside text only messages. The campaign is designed to be as flexible as possible: a strong colour scheme and typographic choices mean the designs will be easily recognisable on social media.

Stuart is a labour activist, barrister, founder of a charity and ex-saracens player. But, mainly he loves Loughborough and wants to see the town invested into and supported.

We look forward to working alongside Stuart getting ready for the forthcoming general election.

Labour leaflet for Stuart Brady