Conference branding for Pioneer
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The Pioneer network is a family of churches based in the UK that aim to resource and equip Christians to serve their communities, towns and cities. The network is diverse, but their churches are recognised as having a number of characteristics; a sense of adventure, a priority around women in leadership and a pursuit for unity.

Future // Now

We enjoyed creating an identity for their 2021 annual leadership conference, Future // Now. With a brief around communicating the contrast and tension between a future that is vast, holding many possibilities with a contained and specific now. We looked to explore a set of designs that could sit alongside the current Pioneer brand whilst developing a tone that felt fitting for the current times! A set of assets that could be utilised across digital and print were created alongside a conference brochure that detailed the speakers, events and vision.

Spreads for pioneer booklet for leaders
Illustrative style for icons

Join Pioneer

Pioneer initially approached a dozen eggs to design a joining booklet for churches looking to join the network. A booklet that felt welcoming, had clarity and was informative with a focus on communicating their core values; relational, missional, charismatic and kingdom orientated.

An illustration style was developed that incorporated the use of photography to enable a consistency within the brand.

Celebrating the joining of the network
Join Pioneer - reading values of the network


Illustration style for the Pioneer network