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James Hewitt Performance

Speaker, author & performance scientist

James Hewitt delves into the science of performance. His mission is to bridge the divide between our desire to succeed in every aspect of life, and do so in a sustainable manner. He encourages people to make informed decisions. Not only does he ensure his content is research-backed, he also busts the myths relating to human performance in an engaging way.

He does this through speaking engagements, online articles and workshops.

When James approached a dozen eggs with his branding needs, we knew that it would be an interesting project from the off. The brand required constant content creation. Working together with the verbal and written communication, the image creation needed to be versatile and flexible. From presentation slides to infographics and blog thumbnails. The images created avoided heavy repetition, communicate the messages clearly and are hopefully memorable! It was vital that the design work was engaging throughout.

Energetic. Intelligent. Trusted.

The James Hewitt Performance brand needed to reflect the brand values of energy, intelligence and trust. He covers a variety of subjects, but the tone needed to convey the scientific nature. Together with bold communication that sticks and is remembered.

  • Work smarter, not harder
  • Manage stress
  • Improve sleep and recovery
  • Increase energy
  • Enhance cognitive performance

I recently founded a new consultancy firm and was searching for a creative agency to help me develop a brand identity for the business. I commissioned the a dozen eggs team to create a clearly defined but adaptable set of brand guidelines, that would represent the foundation, in design terms, for a wide range of content. A strong visual identity needed to be established, that would help new clients to quickly recognise my business and get a sense of its character.

James Hewitt

James Hewitt currently primarily communicates his messages as a keynote speaker. Having worked as Head of Science and Innovation at Hinsta Performance he is accustomed to inspiring some of the most demanding individuals and organisations. Not only ensuring his speaking engagements were easily digestible but also packed full of research. In 2018 James Hewitt won the Nordic Business Forum speaker contest. He delivered his keynote (to an audience of 7,500 people) and found himself part of a line up that included President Barack Obama, Marcus Buckingham and Susan Cain. His keynote is well worth a watch.

Flexible brand for James Hewitt Performance

Since the James Hewitt Performance brand needed to work at different scales; presentation slides through to mobile. a dozen eggs created a variety of logo forms. The design can be easily stacked and remains legible and bold in numerous formats.

Brand Guidelines

The brand created for James Hewitt required lots of assets. For this reason we were commissioned to create a comprehensive set of brand guidelines. From photography style, to a structured hierarchy for font usage. We developed a colour palette that would communicate the high-performance tone of the brand. Together with an extended colour palette for use on infographics and graphs where a colour differentiation was required. And lastly, icons were designed to add clarity and structure to presentations.

We hope James enjoys ultising his brand, and that it works well for all he will no doubt accomplish.

Brand guidelines for tone of brand


The a dozen eggs team’s creativity and professionalism made them a pleasure to work with, from the outset. I was particularly impressed with their well thought-through process and ability to clarify my objectives and use their skills to produce a great outcome. I’m looking forward to continuing to work with a dozen eggs on future projects, and would not hesitate to recommend them.

James Hewitt