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Timothy Whitehead

Over the years, we’ve enjoyed working with Dr Timothy Whitehead on numerous projects. As a product designer, as well as an academic, the subject matters he’s chosen to explore are always interesting. But, one of the things we love is his need to produce a practical solution to the theory.

From managing plastic waste in Low Middle Income Countries to a suitability guide for potential 3D printing projects in the International Relations sector. Tim’s reach is ever growing so when he approached us to smarten up his personal brand, we were excited to get started.

The design task was to create a brand that could be used as both a form of umbrella branding to house all Tim’s projects. Whilst also sitting within a more formal research environment.

Dr Timothy Whitehead : overarching brand

Most good umbrella / overarching brands are simple, allowing any number of future sub brands to evolve. The trick is to distill enough personality, whilst ensuring the visuals work across a wide range of contexts. Colour can play a vital role; selecting a main brand colour that is darker (or lighter) will ensure most future colour combos will work.

An umbrella with three brands below: circular plastic, inclusive innovation and bridging the divide

Tim often uses illustration within his sub brands, with each brand leaning into a different style. Therefore, we focussed on grid systems and block patterns to provide structure which allows for a variety of styles to be embedded. This pared back aesthetic also leans itself to a more academic vibe. Keeping design assets to a minimum to ensure the information is centre stage.

Three covers for academic papers for Dr Timothy Whitehead - all with grid patterns on

Tim went onto use the assets to build a website which showcases all the projects he has run, or as an active role in. These projects include; Inclusive innovation, Circular Plastic and  3D Printing guide for International Development.

As always, we look forward to the next project that Tim has in the pipeline!