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Fitter Food

Fitter Food is a health and fitness brand who’s aim is to do the basics brilliantly well. The company is passionate about good food, being fit and leading happy, healthy lives. Fitter Food was born out of a love of sharing this knowledge with others and seeing lives transformed.

Their flagship product – Fitter 365 – is a membership site packed full of workouts, recipes, courses and ebooks. Keris and Matt, the founders of Fitter Food have spent the last 10 years researching, investigating and then testing ways to help their clients with their health, training and nutrition needs. They have developed a wealth of knowledge particularly in areas such as gut health, stress, movement and menopause. Fitter 365 is the go-to place to discover this wisdom.

Working with a dozen eggs couldn’t have gone any better. The level of communication, speed of delivery and their passion to design and develop something we were 110% happy with was evident from start to finish. We are over the moon with our new sites.

Matt Whitmore

Brand identity

From the initial phone call, we knew we would enjoy working with Matt and Keris. Their enthusiasm and love of life is infectious. Teamed with a great sense of humour and a positive attitude – we quickly identified that they practiced what they preached! At a dozen eggs, our job was to take their way of doing life and business and convert it into a brand that would work for them. A brand with a dose of humour, an approachability and one that would convey their deep understanding of all things health and fitness.


The overarching Fitter Food brand was designed to work well on social media, utilizing a strong colour palette and an identity that can be overlaid on photographs.

User experience, design and development

The user experience and navigation for the Fitter 365 site was an interesting problem to solve. It’s a site that users engage with time and time again and therefore poses different challenges to a site that is predominately sales led.

It was important to strike a balance – creating familiarity with the structure and navigation whilst also keeping the content fresh and diverse. Ensuring the user was presented with tailored, relevant content, whilst also tempting them to try new things and to explore the full range of resources available. And finally, we needed to design a site that didn’t feel overwhelming for those users who struggle with technology and still remain engaging for those that don’t.

view Fitter 365

The site is a membership site with loads of resources; recipes, training plans, educational e-courses and real time workouts. The site can be personalised to work around your training and nutrition needs, with options to view content associated with your exercise goals and food preferences.

Highly recommend a dozen eggs, the first company we found that genuinely cares about your brand as much as you do. They take time to listen and develop several ideas so you’re confident the final concept and design is exactly what you had in mind. Their efficiency, response times and dedication to deadlines also makes them a joy to work with.

Keris Marsden