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CMP Solutions uses mediation and soft skills training within workplace environments to promote innovation and to harness difference within teams.

With over 27 years experience CMP recognised the value to businesses in dealing with conflicts before they happen – preventing disputes and creating a culture of trust, understanding and diversity.

Developing a visual language for CMP

The new approach to mediation – training staff, preventing conflict and establishing a culture where honest, raw conversations could happen – needed a new visual language. a dozen eggs took on the task of illustrating mediation in a positive light; avoiding the word ‘conflict’, the colour red and any visualisation of an heated argument!

White Paper covers for CMP resolutions, featuring visual language style and illustrations.

Clear Air, Conversational Intelligence and Mind the Gap

In order to structure the new approach sub brands were created for the three concepts. Clear Air is the overarching brand – it signifies the type of workplace in which individuals can speak up, express opinions and establish creative ideas. In order to get to a Clear Air workplace, the gap between an organisations values and behaviours needs to be established. A company may have ‘integrity’ as a value, but as a customer or an employee – would you recognise this day-to-day? CMP measure the gap between all the values and the corresponding behaviours, which is known as Mind the Gap. It is then when Conversational Intelligence comes in – a series of tools (mediation, soft skills training) that can be utilised to develop teams and deal with problems before they arise.

Three subbrands for CMP resolutions; Clear Air, Conversational Intelligence and Mind the Gap.

Illustration style

Alongside the sub brands an illustration style was developed to illustrate a few more of the complex ideas – and to act as a visual reminder of the change in approach. Icons have also been developed for the Conversational Intelligence skills to be used within training.

Icons for conversational intelligence; situational awareness, curiosity, reflective listening, empathy, self awareness for CMP resolutions.

Website design & development

Alongside the sub brand development, a dozen eggs were asked to develop a site that worked with the new visual language. By drastically reducing the web content and utilising a fresher colour palette, the new site brings clarity around CMP’s offering.

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CMP mobile site with menu and resources


CMP work within four main areas; investigation, mediation, training and consultancy. A large amount of traffic to the site lands of these four areas, rather than navigating from the homepage. Therefore, the team at a dozen eggs focused their attention on these landing pages. Ensuring the message was communicated clearly, and the visitors have enough information to make a decision.

The site showcases their expertise within a resources section – with the user encouraged to download white papers and read insights. As a company CMP have years of experience within their field. Our task was to ensure that a user on their site for the first time understood CMP’s place in the market, and felt confident around using their service.