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An exploration into the past, present and future trajectory of creativity and the visual world. We combine our specialist knowledge with new insights, theories, processes and technology  to inform and inspire.

What will branding look like in 10 years time?

A question I’ve been mulling over for a while reignited itself last weekend, during a conversation with my friend Leila. After speaking about robots (she works in the field of…

By Frances Collins : 13/09/2017
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Is Comic Sans really that bad?

True story: I once beat someone to a job based purely on the fact that my competitor had written their CV in Comic Sans. The interviewers didn’t even bother to…

By Michelle Barnett : 04/09/2017

Do all brands need to be audience led?

Donald Trump’s campaign for president was launched over a year ago. His disdain for political correctness and aggressive stance on immigration shaped his initial message. Fast forward a few months,…

By Frances Collins : 02/09/2017

When should I think about a rebrand?

In an ideal world, rebrand wouldn’t be a word! Brands would reposition themselves or extend their branding for different markets. We would witness small tweaks and visual changes rather than…

By Frances Collins : 30/08/2017

Growing brands through web

Great web design isn’t just making something pretty. Your website has a function, a goal, whether that’s convincing the visitor that you’re the right supplier for them and getting them…

By Chris Pymm : 22/08/2017

How does tone of voice help my brand?

When we say tone of voice we’re talking about how the personality of your brand comes across in what you write; on your website, social media, and in print.  What…

By Michelle Barnett : 20/08/2017

Why do you need a personal brand?

I’ve never liked the idea of personal branding – it feels too arrogant and over the top! But I’m if honest I think this is just a gut reaction against…

By Frances Collins : 18/08/2017