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An exploration into the past, present and future trajectory of creativity and the visual world. We combine our specialist knowledge with new insights, theories, processes and technology to inform and inspire.

Illustration of political voting slip, representing the importance of defining your audience before branding

An impossible task?

Can you develop a brand that targets (at least) 51% of the population? Strong brands have defined audiences, strong campaigns identify with large swaths of the population - is political branding possible?

By Frances Collins : 12/04/2018
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Branding or rebranding political figures and campaigns

Branding a political figurehead

What can we learn about branding a political figurehead from the Clinton and Trump campaigns - the role of design and beyond.

By Frances Collins : 22/03/2018
Brand identity using responsive logos

What is a responsive logo?

The need for responsive logos has grown with the demands of a digital environment. Companies need their logo to communicate the same message whether on a billboard, or a bottle cap.

By Frances Collins : 14/03/2018
a dozen eggs website design, rebranding and web development: designing and building

Building the new a dozen eggs website

Our web development team have been busy building and updating our site to better showcase our work. We wanted to share their process with you, and provide a glimpse…

By Dale Stillman : 27/02/2018
Colour palettes affect an audience's perception of a brand

How to use colour psychology?

We judge brands quickly - and a lot of it is down to colour. How do you choose which colour works for your brand?

By Frances Collins : 20/02/2018
Illustrating Diversity image for a blog by a dozen eggs on including diverse characters in marketing and branding

Illustrating Diversity

Human beings are an incredibly varied crowd.  Our height, age, ethnicity, location (from continents to towns), sex, weight, attractiveness, dress sense… or lack of it; the list is as…

By Michelle Barnett : 19/02/2018
Opt in box on a website - GDPR compliance

Do I need to add an Opt In checkbox to my website?

GDPR is coming in May 2018 - is your website compliant? This article takes a look into all things opt-in checkbox!

By Frances Collins : 07/02/2018

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