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An exploration into the past, present and future trajectory of creativity and the visual world. We combine our specialist knowledge with new insights, theories, processes and technology to inform and inspire.

Why do we storyboard before beginning an animation? To save money, save time, and bring clarity

Our storyboarding process

A storyboard fills the gap between a great idea and an amazing animation. How do they work and what you should expect?

By Michelle Barnett : 05/04/2022

Creating a flexible brand – Back to Basics

Exploring the importance of creating a flexible brand. Why the continuing trend for flatter, minimalist design is here to stay.

By Jo Wdowiak : 16/03/2022

How do I make my logo responsive?

There are a number of design decisions you can make to make your logo responsive; remove the words, remove the icon / imagery, merge parts of the logo together, strip out the detail or create a stackable version

By Fran Johnson : 04/03/2022
Brand identity using responsive logos

What is a responsive logo?

The need for responsive logos has grown with the demands of a digital environment. Companies need their logo to communicate the same message whether on a billboard, or a bottle cap.

By Fran Johnson : 15/02/2022

How to choose the right branding agency

Choosing a branding agency can feel daunting. There’s pressure to make the right decision, with your hard-earned money and the most visible part of your company - your branding- on the line. But it doesn’t have to be! These simple, logical steps will walk you through the process to finding an agency you feel really confident about.

By Michelle Barnett : 10/02/2022
Recommended branding books reading by Frances Collins

Top branding books

Wanting to learn more about branding? Then this is the list of books to start with; five key books to start your branding journey!

By Fran Johnson : 01/02/2022