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How can you support young people whose parents have split up?

Divorce or separation can be a tough time for everyone. With a mix of emotions, and no easy path to navigate through, how can you support young people who's parents have split up?

Tough Stuff Journal: the resource for young people who’s parents have split up

A child filling out the Tough Stuff journal

Pete English, has supported many children and young people affected by bereavement and parental separation over his 25 years as a youth worker. He has taken his experience and condensed it into a resource that aims to guide the user through their journey. Tough Stuff: Parents Splitting up is deliberately free form with no right answers as to how it’s filled in. It has been designed to be accompanied by a trusted adult, whether that is a parent or relative, a youth worker, social worker or a school mentor.

Buy the Tough Stuff journal for £5 plus P&P

a dozen eggs had the pleasure of working with Pete on this project. We thought it would be useful to give you a peak inside the journal to see how it could help support children you may know.

Page of a notebook to help children whose parents have split up

Tough Stuff has been designed to prompt reflection and highlight current emotions. It gives the young person space to explore their thoughts and feelings. They are in control, they can fill in as much or as little as they like!

How are you feeling today? Mental health resource for children
What do you look like when you are angry? Mental health resource
How can you support young people whose parents have split up?

Pete has successfully used the journal with young people aged 9 to 16, all of which report how useful it’s been for them.

Helping children through the process of parents divorce
Example of page in a resource book for divorce and children

There are guidance notes at the back for the trusted adult who is guiding the young person through the journal.

Instructions on how to support children who's parents have split up

Buy the Tough Stuff journal for £5 plus P&P

Front cover of the Tough Stuff Journal, parents splitting up

Book details

Author: Pete English
Illustrator: a dozen eggs
ISBN: 978-1-9998653-1-3
Number of pages: 36
Dimensions: 148.5 x 210 mm

About the illustrations

If you would like to know more about the making of Tough Stuff, head over to our blog post, where our wonderful illustrator Michelle Barnett talks through the process of creation.

Pete English author of Tough Stuff

© Pete English 2022

About Pete English

Pete is a qualified counsellor (accredited by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) and an experienced trainer. His specialism is working with children and young people around the affects of parental separation and bereavement. As a practitioner he is non judgemental, empathic and hugely knowledgeable, all of which comes across within his work on Tough Stuff.

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