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Lagom Strategy

As a user research and discovery company, Lagom strategy help the UK public sector make better decisions with their digital products and services. From helping NHS staff to find the knowledge and evidence they need as quickly as possible. To improving the way data is collected by care givers as part of Skills for Care voluntary collection tool.

As a team, Lagom strategy come across as approachable, intelligent and balanced. However, their previous brand didn’t represent their expertise or them as people. We stepped in to give it a spruce, and ensure the entire brand image was tighter. From presentations, and proposals to their website design and development.

Lagom strategy website design and development

Lagom Strategy website design & development

Lagom strategy need a website that will clearly state their services. For those users who have been tasked with researching ‘discovery services’ but don’t know where to start. We looked into a number of ways content could be displayed for users to understand the process. Whilst we also need to clearly communicate to users that understand what they require, but need to be convinced of the quality of service. As a result, we ensure that case studies and testimonials are easily accessible.

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Lagom Strategy logo design tweaks


In order to ensure every point at which a user interacts with the Lagom strategy brand feels curious, collaborative and trusted. We designed templates that the team could use for their proposals, and presentations. Overall, the Lagom brand feels tighter and we hope they enjoy using it!

We’re really pleased with the results. Switching over to our new website felt like a big moment for us! That, alongside our new brand and templates are testing really well. It’s already a big improvement. The processes of putting it together has already been helpful in challenging us to better articulate what it is that we do. Thanks so much for all for your help and expertise. It’s been a pleasure to work with you.

Stephen Hale