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White Rabbit

White Rabbit is a series of teahouses around the city centre of Nottingham. They had an existing brand with a strong vintage theme that runs throughout their shops, making a strong basis for the look of their website.

While we knew it should feature the delicate decorative nature of this theme, it also needed to function effectively across multiple web platforms and social media. This makes a great example of the work we do in responsive design, which is able to reconfigure its layout depending on whether the website is seen on the larger platform of a laptop or tablet, or the more restrictive setup, like a phone.

It was such a pleasure working with a dozen eggs. I am not only thrilled with the outcome, but also with the service that I received. They were incredibly patient with me. I can not speak more highly of this company, and I would recommend them to anyone.

Frances Russell - White Rabbit

White Rabbit teahouse, based in Nottingham promotes tea and coffee on the site.
A coffee morning offer from White Rabbit teahouse based in Nottingham.

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