Carbon Farmer logo, eco friendly farming equipment used within Tanzania.
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Carbon Farmer

Based in Arusha, Tanzania, Carbon Farmer promotes eco-friendly farming equipment that feeds carbon back into the earth, allowing for more efficient and sustainable methods of farming. Improving the soils of Africa, and the livelihoods of African farmers.

Utilising tractor exhaust fumes in lieu of fertilisers, the technology is marketed as drought resistant and accessible. As well as being better for the environment, their work helps to ensure long term income for the farmers and their communities. Farmers can contract hire both tractors and seeders for their land resulting in a higher yield and healthier crops. Carbon Farmer reduces risk for farmers alongside reducing the effects of climate change.

When designing the logo for Carbon Farmer there were a number of different aspects we could focus on. The final decision represented both the environmental and agricultural focus of the group, as well as looking forward to a future where their work had grown beyond Tanzania. The visual identity needed to work for English speakers but also Tanzanian natives. Therefore, the visual language of environment was established fairly early on within the project, with a logo playing a role traditionally reserved for an icon.

Carbon Farmer icon African soil company

Projects across cultures are always interesting, with lots of cultural assumptions coming to the fore when trying to establish a visual language. An understanding of audience – who the design is speaking to – is always important. However, it comes into its own when we as designers don’t have years of personal experience to draw upon. We may need to suspend our idea of subtlety, extravagance or sophistication – suspending our usual judgments!

For more material about the vision of Carbon Farmer and photographs of the effects the hardware is already having on the land, you can visit their site. You will also discover information around funding – how you could get involved as an individual or organisation.