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Red9 Consultancy

Animation Production Tools

Red9 consultancy provides a suite of tools – both open source and paid for – that plugin to the Autodesk Maya software. Supporting animators in providing high quality character, facial rigging and lip-syncing.

AutoDesk Maya screenshot showing the Red9 tool

The Red9 team work closely with some of the largest film and game studios around the world. Historically the team were brought in to improve workflow, share knowledge and offer the very latest additions to animation production.

Mark and Franco approached us at a dozen eggs when the business had expanded into offering further products, rather than services. Products that attracted clients who wouldn’t naturally find Red9 consultancy through word of mouth; animators, smaller teams without a R&D department, hobbyists and students. The tools help animators get to the final result as quickly and efficiently as possible. It is definitely worth browsing through their blog, looking at some of their creations.

Designing the Red9 Consultancy website

a dozen eggs were asked to design and develop a website to showcase their production tool, ProPack. Seen as an extension to a production team, ProPack provides the tools that usually take months to establish and setup. ProPack was developed with the goal to ease workflows and standardise approaches – saving time and money.

Website showing tiers for subscriptions

Alongside the product section of the new website, the services are also highlighted with testimonials and exemplars:

view website

Red9 consultancy required a highly visual website that, although full of technical content, didn’t feel too overwhelming to read. The inspiration came from their existing rocket logo, and a NASA space poster you may recognise behind Mark in his YouTube videos.

We use a design prototyping tool called Figma to ensure the illustrations are web-ready. Dale, Michelle and Beth did a suburb job on ensuring the swooshes work at all screen sizes!!

Red9 Consultancy logo
ProPack tool for animation company Red9 Consultancy