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Delectable dips in reusable terracotta pots

It’s the dinner party dream! Delicious savoury dips are served in charming terracotta pots, avoiding the use of plastic and promoting sustainable packaging. LOTOS has arrived at the right time – perfect for foodies with a love for the environment.

The dips are spreadable, and can be mixed into dishes or used as side servings. They offer options for a variety of palettes with gluten free, vegan and vegetarian options available.

LOTOS launched with four equally delicious dips and a dozen eggs were asked to create a flexible brand that could grow alongside the company. Utilising patterns to ensure each dip both felt tasty and recognisable for the ingredients used. Fig, cheese and walnut, roasted red pepper, spices and walnut, sun-dried tomatoes, olives and feta and black bean, apple and onion make up the line up launched at the Speciality & Fine Food Fair.

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LŌTOS illustrations on how to use reusable pots

How was the LOTOS pattern created?

We had great fun cutting fruit and vegetable shapes from coloured paper, then digitising the results to add texture and play with scale and abstraction. The illustration style feels relaxed and accessible to a wide audience, with the logo complimenting the tone. We look forward to getting out the scissors once more to expand the brand into different flavours.

The brand has been designed for impact, with consumers making quick decisions around which dips to purchase. At a glance you will know the types of flavours to expect – choosing the dip to compliment your chosen dish.

We are looking forward to seeing the creative ways people use their LOTOS dip pots including the growing of plants and the creation of candles! Follow them on Instagram for more news and where to buy your dips.

LOTOS illustration shapes cutouts branding