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The Bell Jar

A garden-inspired flower studio based in Radcliffe-on-Trent. The Bell Jar flowers create flower arrangements for weddings, events, and interior displays. Often using British flowers, the arrangements are natural, loose, elegant and inspired by the seasons.

The brand is independent, intelligent and current. In order to achieve this, a dozen eggs were approached to created a visual language that would reflect the flower styling. Nikki McKinney, the founder of the Bell Jar flowers needs a brand that feels natural, but contemporary, nostalgic and refreshing.

Flower design from Bell Jar flowers in Nottinghamshire

Image courtesy of Jessica Reeve Photography

Flower design from Bell Jar flowers in Nottinghamshire

Image courtesy of Nikki McKinney

For a dozen eggs, it was important to create a design that could be used flexibly. Ensuring the logo is responsive, and therefore can be used in a number of different situations. A primary design moving towards a test-tube that can be used as a marque. Alongside the logo design, a dozen eggs produced a flower pattern that rises up from the base of a page. An illustration style that is accessible and not high end.

Responsive logo design for Bell Jar flowers

Nikki at the Bell Jar flowers is creating a company that has sustainability at its heart. For this reason, she uses British flowers wherever possible, and ensures that the flowers selected are seasonal. Located in Nottinghamshire, the home of a British flower farm movement, we know Nikki’s skill will create impact at weddings, events and interior styling shoots across the county.

The Bell Jar flowers illustration branding design

I love it! – it is exactly what I wanted! So excited to have the new logo for The Bell Jar Flowers. Thank you to Beth who completely nailed it. Perfect.

Nikki McKinney, Founder of The Bell Jar Flowers

Flower design for Bell Jar flowers