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Minimum Income Standards

Minimum Income Standards (MIS) team, based at Loughborough University, conduct research into the cost of living at locations around the world. This data can then be used by various organisations, from governments to charities, to identify what resources people need to live in dignity.


MIS had a clear idea of the style they wanted for their animation; simple, energetic, and giving a relatable face to what can sound like a pretty dry topic! It also needed to capture a lot of diversity, as their work compares living standards across a range of demographics in order to get an accurate picture of a location and the people that live there.

We often hire professional voiceover artists to record the audio for our animations. However the MIS team had experience in live speaking engagements, so we were able to use their voices for this project. Michelle from a dozen eggs directed the recording session at a studio on the university campus, giving us an engaging and high quality audio to work with.

Minimum Income Standards of posting a letter


Working with a dozen eggs was a pleasure from start to finish. Michelle captured the essence of what we needed from the first meeting and the project was completed in time to meet our very tight deadline. The whole process was swift, enjoyable and incredibly efficient and the end result is exactly what we had hoped for.

Abigail Davis, Senior Research Fellow and Associate Director - Centre for Research in Social Policy


Scenes needed to move quickly, keeping the momentum going and giving a sense of flow and connection between the information. We expanded on the initial style ideas to create a lively cast of characters with interchangeable features, allowing us to quickly build a large group with a lot of variety. In data-driven work such as the research MIS produces, the focus for us was on communicating the effect that MIS’ work has on real people and their communities.

Minimum Income Standards characters from animation