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As our resident illustrator, Michelle’s specialist knowledge covers illustration in all its forms. She explores new techniques and interesting approaches, both hand-drawn and digital, and considers what illustration and animation can do for your brand and how. Her broader interests span all areas of branding, design and the creative process. And’s she’s great with words.

Q&A WITH Michelle
Using a brand persona to reach your clients and audience

Why creating a Brand Persona is great for your business

Your brand has a personality, how do you find out what it is?

By Michelle Barnett : 06/05/2022
Why do we storyboard before beginning an animation? To save money, save time, and bring clarity

Our storyboarding process

A storyboard fills the gap between a great idea and an amazing animation. How do they work and what you should expect?

By Michelle Barnett : 05/04/2022

How to choose the right branding agency

Choosing a branding agency can feel daunting. There’s pressure to make the right decision, with your hard-earned money and the most visible part of your company - your branding- on the line. But it doesn’t have to be! These simple, logical steps will walk you through the process to finding an agency you feel really confident about.

By Michelle Barnett : 10/02/2022

Our 2022 Exhibition Wishlist

More and more venues are finding ways to hold their exhibitions and events safely, and we’re looking forward to seeing some of it in person!

By Michelle Barnett : 19/01/2022

How does a Call to Action increase website traffic?

Some of the most common Calls To Action are: buying a product or service, learning more about a subject & contacting the organisation directly.

By Michelle Barnett : 15/12/2021
Accessibility in web design_thumbnail

Accessibility in web design

By making a website accessible you can make products that are not just better for those with disabilities, but for everyone?

By Michelle Barnett : 10/10/2021