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As our resident illustrator, Michelle’s specialist knowledge covers illustration in all its forms. She explores new techniques and interesting approaches, both hand-drawn and digital, and considers what illustration and animation can do for your brand and how. Her broader interests span all areas of branding, design and the creative process. And’s she’s great with words.

Q&A WITH Michelle
Brands more frequently need to cross the global marketplace, linking very different culture

Design across cultures

Brand culture shifts are becoming more common for companies in our global market. IKEA, Red Bull and KitKat are some of the examples we explore.

By Michelle Barnett : 08/09/2018
Dale, our web developer

Q&A with Dale

Dale is our Web Developer. He has a masters in civil engineering, but has moved from studying concrete into design, and we’re so glad he did! Dale’s analytical approach…

By Michelle Barnett : 04/09/2018
Design of a Pantone colour, which illustrates a spot colour being picked by the eyedropper tool in Photoshop or Illustrator.

Pantone – a spot colour, not a shampoo

Pantone is also not a delicious Italian sweetbread. It’s actually a company that (among other things) produces formulas for mixing specific colours of printing ink.  Mistakenly, people tend to say…

By Michelle Barnett : 06/08/2018
Work placement week with a dozen eggs

Q&A with Livvi

We’ve had an extra Egg with us this week!  Livvi is a work placement student studying for her GCSEs.  As part of her placement…

By Michelle Barnett : 16/07/2018
LinkedIn logo, a social networking platform for businesses, companies and freelancers, allowing them to manage their professional and brand identity, engage with your network of professional contacts and access opportunities

How does LinkedIn help your business?

When it comes to social networking, LinkedIn is one of the most popular platforms.  It has a unique focus on networking between companies rather than individuals.  This means it…

By Michelle Barnett : 18/06/2018
Chris Pymm, director and technical lead at brand agency - a dozen eggs

Farewell Chris!

We’re sad to be saying goodbye to Chris, our co-Director and Technical lead at a dozen eggs.  He’s been here since the early days when a dozen eggs…

By Michelle Barnett : 01/05/2018

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