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As our resident illustrator, Michelle’s specialist knowledge covers illustration in all its forms. She explores new techniques and interesting approaches, both hand-drawn and digital, and considers what illustration and animation can do for your brand and how. Her broader interests span all areas of branding, design and the creative process. And’s she’s great with words.

Q&A WITH Michelle
Having a brand strategy gives you control over the how clients, employees percoeve your brand - your image. brand can include a lot of elements, depending on what makes the most sense for your market. There could be logos, visuals, colours, use of language, phone manner, building layout, product and packaging design… The list goes on!

Why is brand strategy important?

The importance of Brand Strategy is easy to overlook.  It sounds like jargon, but actually it’s a straightforward idea.  A strategy is simply a plan that lays…

By Michelle Barnett : 22/10/2019
Brand identities represent an organisation's values to it's audience. We create them by deciding on a brand strategy and then designing brands that encompass this

How to develop a brand identity

Building a brand identity involves a lot of decision making and discussion. Our goal is to create something unique to you, that communicates your service well to the people that…

By Michelle Barnett : 29/07/2019
Infographics are a great marketing tool for businesses who need to communicate complex information in a simple form. Visual elements increase engagement massively.

Infographics – What they are and when to use them

The term ‘infographics’ gets thrown around a lot, but what it means is any visual representation of data.  This can sound unhelpfully broad; any pie chart you see…

By Michelle Barnett : 28/05/2019
Running a branding agency from a small town like Loughborough has ots of benefits to clients

Why do we design brands in Loughborough? – part 2

Branding and web design in Loughborough gives us the bonus of great community relationships, along with connections to clients all over the UK, and even the globe!

By Michelle Barnett : 11/03/2019
There are loads of benefits to running a branding agency from a small town like Loughborough

Why do we design brands in Loughborough? – part 1

Branding and web design don't have to be urban pursuits. Here's what it's like running a branding agency from a small Leicestershire town named Loughborough.

By Michelle Barnett : 11/03/2019
Hands hover over a crystal ball, being used to tell the future

Predicting the future: our 2018 design review

Data mining, parallax scrolling and branding with fonts - we're reviewing how graphic design and web development changed in 2018 - 2019

By Michelle Barnett : 07/01/2019

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