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How to beat your creative block.

How to beat your Creative Block

We've all suffered with creative block. That moment when all the ideas feel like they've run dry. But there are tried & tested methods to beat it - Michelle takes us through.

By Michelle Barnett : 14/04/2017

Our favourite projects

Taking a look at some of our favourite projects. Jo – National Counter Trafficking Service Developing the brand identity for the newly launched National Counter Trafficking Service at…

By Michelle Barnett : 27/02/2017
Why the logo is only part of the brand.

Do I need a logo or a brand?

What is a brand? What is a logo? One of the key questions within our industry, and one that is fundamental to establishing a brand that works.

By Michelle Barnett : 23/01/2017
Design trends of 2017 including popping colours, irregular module grids, customised functionality and material design

Things in store for 2017

2017 is looking to be an exciting year for a dozen eggs, with things getting bigger in more ways than one. Newest member of the team – Beth The new…

By Michelle Barnett : 09/01/2017
Design trends of 2017 including popping colours, irregular module grids, customised functionality and material design

Trends of 2017

Predicted design trends of 2017, including Material Design, Customised functionality, Irregular module grids, Gifs & cinemagraphs.

By Michelle Barnett : 02/01/2017
Behind the scenes of a design process with a dozen eggs.

Behind the scenes

a dozen eggs in action; designing and developing. The design process and how the team gets to creative solutions that work for the client.

By Michelle Barnett : 21/12/2016
a dozen eggs team goes to London for a design tour.

London Design Tour

All designers know that a bit of research and keeping up with the times goes a long way. So this week the studio headed down to London to visit some…

By Michelle Barnett : 10/12/2016
Animation / video in design - Multi-level engagement and the speed factor.

Animation in Design

Video is on the rise. Partly as it works well for ranking in Google, and partly as storytelling works well to extend a brand.

By Michelle Barnett : 07/12/2016
The rise of the gif - the popularity of mini animations is rising.

Rise of the Gif: the mini-animation

What are gifs? And how do you use them for your brand - utilised on social media, email and websites - they are rising in popularity.

By Michelle Barnett : 28/11/2016
Recommended reading by Michelle Barnett

Recommended Reading

In which I discover that my bookshelf is almost exclusively fiction… The Last Samurai – Helen DeWitt This novel follows the relationship of a prodigy mother and son, and…

By Michelle Barnett : 24/03/2016
Favourite illustration books by Michelle Barnett

Favourite Illustration Books

An Illustrated Life Anthologies and collections are always excellent for showing the huge variety in the ways illustrators visually describe things. A lot of this happens online now, and…

By Michelle Barnett : 17/03/2016