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Centre for Research in Social Policy

The Centre for Research in Social Policy (or CRSP for short) has been contributing to public, political and media debate on social policy issues since 1983. The team, based at Loughborough University, required an animation to showcase what they do (and why they do it!) both in the UK and abroad.

As an independent research centre, CRSP’s focus is to identify how much income people need in order to live. They then disseminate the evidence they find to policy makers. CRSP have conducted a wide range of research including; the cost of having a child, living standards in retirement and the minimum income standard for both the UK and London.

Centre for Research in Social Policy

After the successful launch of a previous animation based on their main project, Minimum Income Standards, the group came back to us for a new animation that focused on the Centre for Research in Social Policy group (CRSP) as a whole, to celebrate their 40th birthday.

Abi, Matt, and the team wanted an animation that would fit closely with their previous one, and that would feature many of the same bouncy, colourful characters as we’d used before. We worked alongside Paula Malins from the marketing and advancement team at Loughborough University to polish the storyboard and voiceover, and to ensure the animation communicated clearly.


The animation celebrates the achievements of the CRSP team over the past four decades as well as providing an outline of the type of research they undertake. The Loughborough based group has had an impact on setting the real living wage, helping people to navigate how much they’ll need for a pension and the difference between a dignified living standard in rural and urban settings.

To read more about CRSP and the research they have undertaken over the last forty years, their publications have been made available on their website.

Animation still from Centre for Research in Social Policy, a scene with a house, sheep and a plane