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School of Business and Economics

a dozen eggs have worked alongside the Executive Education team at Loughborough University to strengthen how they communicate their courses to potential students, and strengthening communication with the current cohort. We developed an illustrative design style to ensure the induction process for students is as clear as possible, and produced brand assets that could be used to establish a strong visual language without the need for a logo.

Working with Future Fresh – a 3D simulation and animation company – we have created an animation that communicates the Reflective Goal Setting Model developed by Dr Cheryl Travers. The animation guides students through the reflective process and highlights key points along the way. The illustrations and visual style chosen for the animation are carried over into the learning materials and formal presentations used within their courses, while still fitting within the wider University guidelines.

A learning experience map was developed alongside the animation to create a visually unified programme. Students can easily see how their individual module work contributes directly into their progress and learning, and into their wider lives.

Illustration of learning for School of Business and Economics at Loughborough University.

The illustration style was developed to be relatable, and encourage executive education students to think more holistically about the course they are on. The style allows scenes such as ‘what will study look like if I have a baby?‘, ‘is the assessment going to be tough?!‘ whilst also encouraging students to develop skills within a family context, rather than just a professional one.

Illustrative icons about the journey for Loughborough University School of Business and Economics

The executive education department at Loughborough University work alongside partners to provide accredited programmes within business and management, without minimal disruption to their jobs. Therefore, the brand needed to sit well amongst partner logos and design styles. A colour palette that could be used in a more formal setting (without illustration) was developed and applied to presentation slides, pitch documents, reports and diagrams.