Animation for Tandem app, graphic design and illustration, developed in Loughborough University student Sophia Jowett
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Animations to promote the performance sport assessment tool.

A tool designed to analyse and strengthen the relationship between athletes and their coaches. Tandem assesses the quality and effectiveness of communication – identifies areas between a coach and athlete that need improving – and guides the user towards increasing relationship quality, satisfaction and athletic performance.

Devised and developed by Professor Sophia Jowett of Loughborough University, Tandem is based on extensive sport psychology research. As it began to gain popularity amongst elite athletes, coaches and sports psychologists, our task was to continue to promote and explain the extensive benefits of the tool.

Working closely with Sophia and Loughborough University’s enterprise marketing office, we developed three animations – the first to target athletes; the second for coaches and a third for coaches of big teams. By splitting the animations each could have a targeted narrative focused on the specific and varying benefits for the end user. This was an important factor from the beginning of the project.

Another key consideration when crafting the narrative and flow of these short animations, was to ensure each had a specific and focused aim. For example, it is important that the athlete understands why nurturing a healthy relationship with their coach can be as effective as physical training. And for a coach to grasp that Tandem can hold the key to understanding the individual needs of their athlete. A brief overview of the process was still important but it became apparent early in the process that the animations did not need to be ‘how-to-use’ guides.

As a set, the animations have a clear and coherent message and the visual language builds and extends upon the existing Tandem brand. The restricted colour palette and simple illustrative style channel a focused message and reflect a relaxed yet professional environment. Although the clips are not primarily designed to be viewed together, each works individually without being repetitive if viewed as a set.