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Resources for churches

Roots is an organisation that resources churches who follow a lectionary model. Each year they provide churches across the UK and beyond with fresh material which can be used on Sundays and throughout the week. The Roots team inject vision into the planning of bible notes, sermons, hymns, responses and prayers. They look after the planning and preparation to ease the lives of church workers.

With their 20th birthday approaching, a dozen eggs were invited by Roots to give them a fresh look which could better reflect their move to further highlighting their digital resources as well as to stand them in good stead for the next 20 years.

Roots has a loyal readership, therefore any new brand direction would need to be a nod to the past as much as a change for the future.

Brand in context

Roots were keen for us to visualise the brand in context; across digital and print. As the resources cover a wide age range from adult to young children, we wanted their brand to feel different depending on the user. And, perhaps most importantly, additional work was required to establish how the content could be displayed best – lots of information in a small space is a tricky brief! Getting the balance right between allowing the brand to breathe, whilst ensuring that the brand didn’t dominate was a tricky brief!

Magazine layout design for the Roots resources for churches brand

Illustration © Richard Johnson

Magazine layout design for the Roots resources for churches brand - the kids version

Illustration © Richard Johnson and Usborne Publishing

The content within the young and children resources needed to feel lively and engaging, whereas the content within the all age magazine was often more reflective in nature. We used lots of overlapping shapes in a variety of colours to keep the brand as flexible as possible. Together with a variety of typography choices, we hope over time the brand will continue to look fresh.

If you are interested in Roots resources, you can sign up to a trial on their website (designed and built by Seraph Agency). We look forward to watching how the Roots brand grows with them over the next 20 years and beyond!