Helter Skelter brand including bubbles of colour and circus illustrations
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Helter Skelter

Beautiful illustrations that build a brand

Mobile friendly website showcasing the Helter Skelter website

Highly interactive performances together with beautiful designed costumes are all part of the Helter Skelter experience. Known for their talented circus performers, fabulous stilt walkers and fire dancing fairies, the team enchant and entertain at every event!

Brand identity

With a brief to develop a fun filled and entertaining brand, the a dozen eggs team set to work. We developed a logo that would work alongside beautiful illustrations – designed to stand out, yet not compete. A colour palette that would be vibrant but remaining flexible dependent on the theme. And an ident for use on mobile and as an overlay on photographs to ensure the Helter Skelter brand is as flexible as it needs to be.

Helter Skelter is all about movement – spinning, dancing and twirling – and we didn’t want the brand to let the side down! This gave us opportunity to create lots of fun gifs – turning ferris wheels, flapping mermaid tails and flying juggling clubs!

We love it!! We love all of the new little illustrations, and really feel as though they are starting to represent us.

Tor, Helter Skelter founder


Helter Skelter brings together classic circus acts to delighted present-day audiences, so the illustrations for this brand should do no less. Combining their own props and costumes with the visual style of well-known circus imagery, we conjured up detailed hand-drawn artworks to capture viewers curiosity. Just like Helter Skelter’s performances, the thrill of seeing something familiar with a surprising current twist is where the fun comes from!

The Helter Skelter logo, ident and mermaid tale

Web design and development

Extending the brand over web was a task made easier with the wealth of stunning photographs taken at Helter Skelter events. Together with the imaginative brand illustrations the site was developed to showcase the full range of their repertoire. We knew that some visitors would have clearer ideas about what they wanted than others, so to help them navigate we split the photos three galleries. They can now be browsed by Acts, Themes or Events, inspiring visitors whatever stage of event planning they are in.

We wanted to bring a constant sense of movement and activity to Helter Skelter’s site. In almost every section there are elements that shift and move, including illustrations and our bright bubbles which float about, bringing subtle motion throughout the site. These give each section a fun burst of colour, as well as providing frames to spotlight key information and photos.

view website

Helter Skelter arts website developed by a dozen eggs