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Chilli sauce and hot pot

Hatari is a hot sauce with a wonderful depth of flavour. Made up of a variety of chillis from Tanzania and Senegal. The sauces have a kick that we’ve definitely enjoyed within the office!

Made by Feisty Flavours, a company based out of Arusha, the sauce is bursting with flavour. a dozen eggs were tasked with creating a vibrant brand for the imaginative, ground breaking and passionate company. From the initial meetings with the team, it was obvious that there was a lot of passion for creating a product that was the best it could possibly be! While we created designs that would appeal to the UK market. It was important to us and the team at Hatari, to highlight the origins of the sauce.

Hatari hot sauce packaging bottles

Hatari packaging design

While the taste tests indicate that Hatari sauce is a clear favourite. As a design company, we understand that many of us eat with our eyes! A bottle that stands out on the supermarket shelves. Whilst communicating the rich providence associated with the sauce was the goal. Using a geometric pattern as the base of the designs, the origins of the chillis could be communicated without overpowering the overall aesthetic.

Development of the brand

Designer cutting shapes to create brand

Beth, creating the Hatari logo from cutouts.

It felt important that the Hatari brand was developed using tactile means. We find this immediately gives the brand more character. Our designer Beth set to to create type out of paper, paying careful attention to the balance of white space and the form of the letters.