By Beth Evans
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Q&A with Beth

Beth is one of our Designers.  She graduated from Loughborough Uni in 2013 with a BA(hons) degree in Graphic Communication. A desire to work abroad led her to Amsterdam for a job at Fairphone, a start-up social enterprise. Beth returned to the UK in 2016 to get married. She worked briefly for an e-learning design agency and in January 2017 she started working at a dozen eggs

With such an exciting career journey, we couldn’t wait to get into Beth’s brain.

Beth, why did you decide to become a designer?

I remember being in a PSHE class in secondary school, and we had to design anti-smoking posters. My teacher pointed out to me that there are people in the world who “design posters for a living”. For a while my plan was to be a marine biologist, but after failing biology at AS-level, I decided design was my best option.

Has there been a person or event that majorly influenced how you think?

I got married in summer 2017, it’s been the single most perspective-changing thing in my life so far. Prior to our wedding we had not lived in the same city before. So now we not only share a city, but a house, a church, a bank account, a bed. My life now revolves around “we” not “I”, which I thought would be awful, but its not – marriage is great!

What is your strongest skill, and what habits helped you develop it?

These are qualities, not skills, but I’m patient and perseverant. There are many things that I don’t do very well, but I will do them anyway and I will continue doing them (and seeking help) if it’s something that I want to be better at. Like design.

Do you have a favourite type of brief or project to work on?

Branding projects are my favourite. We personify the company and get to know them and what their goals are. It’s deeper than design itself, which is why it’s so important for companies to think about, and why it’s such an enjoyable process.

What is sparking your interest right now, and how is that appearing in your work?

We’re not decorating our house, but I wish we were! My Pinterest boards are full of colours and styles I like and sometimes this filters into projects when I’m thinking about colour schemes etc.

What are you into besides your work?

I love being with people; family and friends and talking about life and relaxing. I also love new experiences and learning stuff. if I’ve never done it before then I’m usually up for it.

Tell us the best advice you’ve heard that you always pass on.

You cannot add any time to your life by worrying about it

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