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Fran’s specialist knowledge lies within the sometimes elusive world of brand strategy. Her expertise also spans brand design and business strategy - teamed with much wider interests such as politics, the arts and culture. Fran asks the right questions and often the hard ones. She understands the practical measures needed to form strong, smart brand foundations - and provides insights centred around ‘how you get the most out of your brand’.


Day in the life of …

Once you have your persona, how do you work out how they'll want to be spoken to? The 'day in the life of' exercise is a great way to establish how you want to speak to your target audience.

By Fran Johnson : 02/10/2023

Using brand words as testing devices

Establishing brand words is a useful tool to steer project direction, but it is also incredibly useful to then test any project outcomes.

By Fran Johnson : 18/09/2023

You’ve got your shiny new rebrand, now how do you launch it?

Once you've got a shiny new rebrand, how do you launch it? This blog post takes you through some options and what to avoid.

By Fran Johnson : 01/08/2023
How to design a logo? Designers guide to the nuts and bolts of logo design

How to design a logo

Do you want to know the nuts and bolts of designing a logo? From how to generate initial ideas to refining them and establishing a brand.

By Fran Johnson : 24/07/2023
Brick Wall of Brand Strategy teaching students

The brick wall of brand strategy

Brand strategy is hugely important. It is often the stage of the branding process that ensures a brand has longevity and can be created with growth in mind. However, as…

By Fran Johnson : 27/06/2023
What is a user persona in branding

What is a user persona in branding?

A user persona is a tool used in the creation of a brand to represent an ideal person or archetypical user. The idea being that it is easier to design…

By Fran Johnson : 12/04/2023