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Fran’s specialist knowledge lies within the sometimes elusive world of brand strategy. Her expertise also spans brand design and business strategy - teamed with much wider interests such as politics, the arts and culture. Fran asks the right questions and often the hard ones. She understands the practical measures needed to form strong, smart brand foundations - and provides insights centred around ‘how you get the most out of your brand’.


What is brand architecture?

Brand architecture is a term used when structuring sub brands - how the sub brands relate to one another and to the master brand.

By Frances Collins : 02/04/2019
The duality of branding

The dualism of branding

Looking at branding from two perspectives; that of a designer - needing to develop a brand process. And that of a business owner - needing the brand to provide a return on investment.

By Frances Collins : 30/05/2018
Fran, our Founder and Director

Q&A with Fran

Fran is one of the founders of a dozen eggs.  She and Jo set up the company in 2010, after graduating with a degree in Graphic Communication…

By Frances Collins : 23/04/2018
Illustration of political voting slip, representing the importance of defining your audience before branding

An impossible task?

Can you develop a brand that targets (at least) 51% of the population? Strong brands have defined audiences, strong campaigns identify with large swaths of the population - is political branding possible?

By Frances Collins : 12/04/2018
Branding or rebranding political figures and campaigns

Branding a political figurehead

What can we learn about branding a political figurehead from the Clinton and Trump campaigns - the role of design and beyond.

By Frances Collins : 22/03/2018
Brand identity using responsive logos

What is a responsive logo?

The need for responsive logos has grown with the demands of a digital environment. Companies need their logo to communicate the same message whether on a billboard, or a bottle cap.

By Frances Collins : 14/03/2018

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