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Colour palettes affect an audience's perception of a brand

How to use colour psychology?

We judge brands quickly - and a lot of it is down to colour. How do you choose which colour works for your brand?

By Frances Collins : 20/02/2018
Opt in box on a website - GDPR compliance

Do I need to add an Opt In checkbox to my website?

GDPR is coming in May 2018 - is your website compliant? This article takes a look into all things opt-in checkbox!

By Frances Collins : 07/02/2018
Vector logo for dropbox rebrand

The Dropbox rebrand

Our take on the dropbox rebrand. Brand values, flexible branding and then communicating the change to others.

By Frances Collins : 04/10/2017
Branding in 10 years time, no brand launches and individualised communication.

What will branding look like in 10 years time?

Individualised communication, Flexible branding and no big brand launches are the predictions of what branding will look like in 10 years time.

By Frances Collins : 13/09/2017
Consider audience when planning brand strategy

Do all brands need to be audience led?

Brand strategy often looks at a number of different spectrums. In this post we look into whether brands are audience led or founder led, with particular consideration into personalities, the market and trust.

By Frances Collins : 02/09/2017
When should you think about a rebrand?

When should I think about a rebrand?

When should you think about a rebrand? Is your visual identity looking tired, or has your company changed strategic direction.

By Frances Collins : 30/08/2017

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