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How to use Wordpress image fields to improve SEO

WordPress Image Fields: Alt Text, Title, Captions and Description

How important are the alt text, title, caption and descriptions - which ones do you need to spend lots of time thinking about, and are there any you can ignore?

By Fran Johnson : 20/06/2022

How do I make my logo responsive?

There are a number of design decisions you can make to make your logo responsive; remove the words, remove the icon / imagery, merge parts of the logo together, strip out the detail or create a stackable version

By Fran Johnson : 04/03/2022
Brand identity using responsive logos

What is a responsive logo?

The need for responsive logos has grown with the demands of a digital environment. Companies need their logo to communicate the same message whether on a billboard, or a bottle cap.

By Fran Johnson : 15/02/2022
Recommended branding books reading by Frances Collins

Top branding books

Wanting to learn more about branding? Then this is the list of books to start with; five key books to start your branding journey!

By Fran Johnson : 01/02/2022

Final files & brand guidelines

Brand guidelines and final files - what happens are the end of the branding process at a dozen eggs, what can you expect?

By Fran Johnson : 27/01/2022
Favourite branding agencies

Our top branding agencies in 2022

The field of branding attracts some very interesting and creative people (if we do say so ourselves!) and some talented branding agencies in the UK and beyond. We wanted to…

By Fran Johnson : 07/01/2022

Vector vs. Raster: What’s the Difference?

Vector graphics are made up of lines, curves and shapes. Think of a vector as a series of dot-to-dots joined up to create paths. Raster graphics are made of pixels - a grid of tiny squares that can be coloured in.

By Fran Johnson : 05/11/2021
secondary colour palettes

How to develop secondary colour palettes

Over time brand colour palettes can feel limiting. A restricted colour palette can make any design work feel corporate, and trying to introduce new messages or products can become trickier. A secondary colour palette is a set of colours chosen to compliment the primary colours, but give the designer more range.

By Fran Johnson : 01/09/2021
Why brand colour palettes need to be more extensive_thumbnail

Why brand colour palettes need to be more extensive

Every brand needs a workable colour palette for their brand, one that will work for graphs, data visualisations and CTA's.

By Fran Johnson : 19/07/2021

What does your brand stand for?

What types of words should you use for your brand values? A list of the brand value words.

By Fran Johnson : 23/06/2021
What do you need to consider when writing an animation script? _ thumbnail

What do you need to consider when writing an animation script?

A step by step guide to writing a script for an animation or video - for those of use who don't consider ourselves writers!

By Fran Johnson : 09/04/2021
Brand illustration to communicate house of brands

What is a house of brands?

The house of brands approach to brand architecture is where the master brand often has little relation to its sub brands. Examples include P&G and Alphabet (although - not google!)

By Fran Johnson : 30/03/2021