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HR Consulting

Jo Stevenson set up Red Rocket HR Consulting out of a passion to see people and businesses thrive. As a senior people manager, Jo has heaps of experience and she wanted to bring that into the world of consultancy.

Jo had a clear vision and as the brand needed to represent her, it was important to us that she felt confident in what the resulting design work communicated. To launch the brand process, we asked her to use our brand words tool. The resulting outcomes were the words Passionate, Trusted and  Dynamic.

Red Rocket HR consulting logo


From there we explored multiple different directions, and landed on a brand that would work very well in presentations and on the web. Jo had a clear idea of the contexts for the brand so we ensured that it was flexible enough to be used with or without the logo.

We created a shape based icon that hinted at the rocket concept without illustrating anything too literal. It was far more important to visualise movement and agility, two concepts at the core of Red Rocket HR. The shapes that form the icon can be used flexibly across different platforms – again hinting at the versatility of Jo’s approach to HR. 

The colour palette was dictated partly by the name but equally by Jo’s passionate and fiery character. Although her audience is primarily big, corporate tech companies she did not necessarily want to come across as overly corporate herself. Therefore, we developed a rich colour palette for depth. The three colours – red, purple and orange – also providing colour coding for the three areas of Jo’s business going forward. 

Linkedin mockup for Red Rocket consulting

We look forward to seeing what Jo and Red Rocket HR do in the next few years – we are confident that they will be helping businesses thrive up and down the country.