By Fran Johnson
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Exploring multiple brand directions

There are always multiple ways to visualise brand values. Arguably some design options will be more successful than others, but there are no absolutes. There are no right or wrongs when it comes to possible brand directions. As designers it's our job to translate your brand values into something that works visually for your audience - designing logo options and brand extensions that your target audience will resonate with. Something that feels like it was built for them.

All design is on a spectrum. From the corporate brands that aim to communicate trust and respectability to the challenger brands that want to be your best friend. Our job is to work out what your brand spectrum could be.

Where do we start?

Depending on the complexity of the landscape, and how your brand needs to work for you, will change the approach we opt to take. However, there are three stages we always undertake:

We need to understand who you are talking to, what tone you wish to communicate and your natural visual style. Whilst the latter is the least important of the three, it enables smoother process. Plus, it is always preferable if the decision makers feel an affinity with the brand.

Brand direction – some examples

Let me explain visually …






There are always multiple possible directions when it comes to brand direction, illustration style or design options. As designers will look to ensure the tone feels appropriate, and it is fit for the audience.

The clients’ opinion matters

But, then it’s over to the client. They know their customers and clients, and often have an innate understanding of which direction maybe more successful.

We then go onto develop the brand with an understanding of scale, how the brand will grow and ensuring the main messages of the brand holds clarity.

Exploring multiple brand directions

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