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Why we use mood boards

Why do we use mood boards?

Moodboards are an incredibly useful tool in the branding and web design process. Michelle looks into this crucial step between brand strategy and brand identity.

By Michelle Barnett : 21/05/2020

Exploring multiple brand directions

The brand process: a dozen eggs creates multiple different brand directions within the branding process.

By Fran Johnson : 04/08/2020
How do we come up with initial ideas?_thumbnail

How do we develop initial design ideas?

How do we develop initial ideas? We walk through what you can expect from the first part of the design process.

By Michelle Barnett : 23/05/2021

Final files & brand guidelines

Brand guidelines and final files - what happens are the end of the branding process at a dozen eggs, what can you expect?

By Fran Johnson : 27/01/2022