Rows of plastic bottles with Circular Plastic logo on top
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Circular Plastic

Circular Plastic is a research cluster concerned with tackling the ever-growing challenge of managing plastic waste in Low Middle-Income Countries. To succeed in their aim, the team have developed research projects that utilise frontier technology. For example, Design Layers builds 3D printing capacity in Kenya. Low Cost Sustainable Housing Research explores how up-cycled materials can be used to build modular homes and Thinking Materials supports supply chains in emerging economies.

The team are interested in ensuring their research has real world impact; testing theories on the ground and ensuring that any projects are well documented and sustainable, creating innovative products that are user-centred, encouraging entrepreneurship, and expanding the uses of technology. And finally, developing regional networks that can share knowledge, quickly.

Round Circular Plastic logo

Branding for Circular Plastic

The cluster needed a brand that was flexible enough for any additional research projects to sit beneath the overarching design style comfortably.

The outputs of the brand needed to work in both print and digital format; funding reports, presentations, social media and partner’s websites. Therefore, a dozen eggs designed a logo that could work in black and white, (so could be easily printable) distinctive enough to stand out amongst rows of other logos and contained enough assets for striking presentations.

Illustration style

Together with the brand, an illustration style needed to be established that could communicate instructions as well complex ideas. From the traditional life cycle of a plastic bottle to ‘how to wash a bottle’ the requirements on the  illustration style were that it would be understood internationally and remain clear.

Washing steps illustration

The Circular Plastic books

The Circular Plastic project books are composed of two volumes; the Project Book and the Workbook. The Project Book is to provide an overview of the project requirements and the thunderhead extruder, a 3D printer. The Workbook is a practical guide to assembling the thunderhead with information on calibrating the machine and testing the filament.

Book with a title page about preparing plastic
Book with a title page on aims of the project


To showcase the projects within the Circular Plastic umbrella, a website has been designed and developed to sell the books, and bring clarity to what the cluster aims are. Designed in partnership with Tim, the site highlights lots of the current circular plastics projects – take a look at some of the design outputs!

Website design showing aims for the Circular Plastic project