An introduction to ASAP watercrafts. A website with a video on the homescreen, and the latest news.
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ASAP watercrafts

A very talented product designer, Ross, who is also a fellow member of the Studio with ASAP watercrafts is currently commercialising a power assisted water craft – a cheaper and more manoeuvrable alternative to a jet ski.

We designed this website to launch just in time to Ross’ TV debut, on BBC 3’s Be your Own Boss. Within the show, Ross got the opportunity to present the craft to both Richard Branson and Richard Reed –¬†which resulted in a Virgin flight to Austrialia to do some more testing!

Website design & development

Like many of our sites, its responsive design means that the page elements reconfigure easily to fit any size of screen the site is viewed on. Designed and built in 2012, we believe it has stood the test of time.

Do have a look around – in particular the full page gallery, which shows off the watercraft design.

We gave a dozen eggs just a few weeks to design and build our website from scratch to launch on the night our product was shown on tv, they did a cracking job and even had it done early! We were so impressed with their ideas and most importantly their contagious enthusiasm – Jo and Fran were also such fun to work with. We asked a lot from them and they delivered plus some more at every stage – you really can’t ask for much more than that! A further sign that their website design hit the spot is the compliments we have received for the design – this has even made some people realise their websites could do with a refresh.

Ross - ASAP watercrafts

Press page and product page on the ASAP watercrafts website showcasing the Wave jam.

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Ross’ story

Santander and Loughborough University have put together a story story about Ross’ journey, which you may enjoy.


As the manufacture of the ASAP watercrafts is near completion, we have added the ability to both reserve the watercrafts and the ability to invest.