Diagram showing the different elements of Loughborough University's enterprise.
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The Studio

The Studio is the newly named commercialisation studio, a wing of Loughborough University’s Enterprise department. The Studio, of which a dozen eggs were members, supports creative ideas that need development – they mentor, train and provide services for new graduate business ventures.

A rocket illustration to illustration businesses taking off after graduation when supoprted by Loughborough University.

The Studio required a brand that could slot into the broader Student and Graduate Enterprise branding, and cover businesses in a number of different spheres, so a dozen eggs were called upon to develop an illustrative style. This style will act as a brand guideline, allowing for further expansion in the future.

a dozen eggs are not only friendly and professional, they are inspirational and really do care about your company. A dream to work with – intuitive, fast and reliable. They understood exactly what we were looking to achieve and created more than we could have hoped for. They go above and beyond to deliver for their clients and I often recommend them to friends and business acquaintances as I know they will provide a great service for them.

Megan - Loughborough University