Subbrand for Barnardo’s on tour; brand identity, animation and design for web use.
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Barnardo’s set a charity-wide goal to become a Learning Organisation, looking at how knowledge and skills could be shared internally between branches, departments and individuals to improve their service. The project was launched with it’s own brand which built on the existing Barnardo’s identity, allowing it to be used whenever it was needed without disrupting the usual brand or the look of the publications.

Barnardos Learning Organisation logo and illustration

With this in mind, we made design choices of typeface and colour that captured this bold move, and get across a sense of energy and excitement about the project, and all the benefits it could bring to the service users that Barnardo’s supports.

As part of Barnardo’s discussion around becoming a learning organisation, a nationwide tour took place to allow each of the major branches to have a say in what that meant for them. Talks would take place both face-to-face and online, allowing employees to give their views and share their practical experiences around learning in the workplace.

Barnardo's learning organisation went #on_tour to talk to all employees - this is the route.

We were asked to help introduce the discussions in a way that meant all the different aspects of the charity could be on the same page. Whilst the decision to increase learning across the organisation would benefit everything. There was a risk of disconnect between the corporate side of Barnardo’s and those on the front line. We needed to ensure all communication was easily understood with employees knowing the project would benefit them, rather than it feeling like another initiative.

a dozen eggs created visuals that dovetailed with the existing Barnardo’s brand. This included images for use online, but also animated gifs that showed the route of the tour, and could be posted day by day. We also created an animation that could be watched ahead of time, introducing the topic to everyone. Expanding the Barnardo’s brand in a fun direction, and having so many interactive elements made this a very enjoyable project for us.