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Conversation Analytic Role-Play Method

CARM (Conversation Analytic Role-Play Method) have developed a pioneering approach to communication skills training – using real time audio or visual recordings to identify the moments in real life conversations that can change the course of an interaction.

a dozen eggs have been working alongside the team to generate a coherent brand and illustrative style. This style has also been applied to an illustrated animation which promotes the use of CARM methods to businesses of all shapes and sizes, and guides viewers through understanding the science behind the Conversation Analytic Role-Play Method.

a dozen eggs are absolutely the team to brand and design – as an academic I had various fuzzy ideas about the kind of thing I wanted but the team were insightful, careful, inspiring and confident and produced stunning results. I recommend them to anyone I meet who could benefit from their cheerful, flexible and skilful work.

Liz - Founder

Our animation forms the centrepiece of CARM’s website, alongside a gallery of talks and presentations for various prestigious organisations that explain CARM further for visitors.

With so much information available to both academics, individuals and businesses, the site is very simply structured while still being responsive.  The research performed by Liz and the team is available through the site, and an events page has been added.  As more industries discover the benefits of CARM for their services, workshops have been made available.

Website for the Conversation Analytic Role-Play Method research group based at Loughborough University.

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Jo and Fran have a joint venture – CARMeggs – alongside Professor Liz Stokoe delivering workshops and providing consultancy around effective communication: ideal for mediators, GP’s surgeries and public schools. The workshops will be focussing on coherent combination of written and visual methods, and how these can be best used with different client groups.

A CARM illustration of a woman making a sales call.