Macbook displaying SMART research homepage, a research group based out of Loughborough University.
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An engineering research group specialising in recycling technologies needed an online presence that could act as a portfolio of all their research interests.

The centre for SMART asked a dozen eggs to create a site that showcased their expertise within the industry whilst broadening the audience to attract more corporate sales. The site is a responsive site, making it easy to use on multiple platforms. Our design aims to organise the many strands of SMART, ensuring users can easily navigate to find the information they desire.

Chris is a very capable and methodical designer with a great brain for usability. Fran is a very bright, very patient and thoughtful designer, with an excellent eye for detail in both the visual and practical aspects of branding and web design.

Leila - Centre for SMART

Research group, SMART, based at Loughborough University - sustainable manufacturing and recycling technologies.
Macbook showing pages of the smart website including the sustainable design introduction.