Brand identity design for MiD Mediation and Counselling, based in London
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MiD mediation

Cohesive identity for London-based family mediation service.

MiD mediation specialise in mediation and counselling services for families thinking about, or going a through, separation or divorce. Their mission is to ‘move families forward positively’. Taking people from a vulnerable point in their lives and setting them on a more positive path for the future.

The company and registered charity approached a dozen eggs having attended a workshop that we ran collaboratively with Professor Elizabeth Stokoe of CARM training. Set up by a group of legal professionals, the organisation offer a much needed service across a wide geographical area. However their existing brand was non existent. Director Lucy Bassnett-McGuire attended the CARM training workshop – effective communication for mediation services – in search of advice and a cohesive brand identity.

Working with MiD Mediation it was soon clear they had a strong sense of who they were and what they offered the public. A friendly, approachable organisation providing professional, practical help. With this in mind we developed an identity to sit alongside the ethos.

The new logo is clean, clear and simple. MiD is not a ‘touchy feely’ organisation so it was important that we avoided anything fussy or complicated. The shape of the logo can be rotated in several directions. It points forward with direction and purpose, hints at the shape of a speech bubble, and pinpoints with precision – as if on a map. All have been subtly designed to reflect the goals of the organisation – to listen, provide guidance and offer a route forward.

The logo font was chosen for it’s rounded, family-friendly feel and to reflect the lack of sharp corners in the shape of the logo. This softens the identity and prevents it becoming too corporate and cold. The green palette adds to the professional feel whilst remaining fresh and positive – a good colour for a new start.