Branding and logo for Charles Bentley, a brush wear manufacturer based in Loughborough.
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Charles Bentley

Rebrand for the UK´s leading brushware manufacturer

Charles Bentley is a global manufacturer and supplier of home, garden and leisure products. With more than 150 years of experience, they have a wealth of knowledge and expertise behind them. They also have an innovative, forward thinking ethos, which sees them working successfully with top, global retailers.

With these things in mind ‘Bentley Brushware’ as they were previously known, came to us for a rebrand. Not only were they looking for a new identity to match the name change; they also needed to streamline their branding. Having branched out into several sub-brands over the years their previous identity had become diluted and in-cohesive.

We worked with Charles Bentley to identify what exactly their core values were going forward – and we gave them a maximum of three words in which to do it. Heritage, Innovation, Reliable. Deciding on key values is a process we go through with many of our new clients, as it helps them to define their direction and who they are as a business, and therefore what their brand should reflect. This is so productive that we’ve turned it into the Brand Words tool, which will guide clients through this key task.

Branding and selection of subbrands for Charles Bentley, brush wear in Loughborough.

It was important that we re-branded Charles Bentley to reflect the heritage of the family-run business, without focusing solely on the company’s past. A flexible logo and colour palette has allowed for the brand to work effectively on it’s own. But also as part of a sub brand – be it for the high-end market or budget.


I would highly recommend a dozen eggs. They worked very closely with us with some brilliant brain storming ideas and created the perfect brand for us! The brand has grown a great amount since we launched it and has had excellent feedback from our customers! A dozen eggs perfected our logo and our brand.

Adaptable mark for Charles Bentley to be used on products and favicons.