Little boy playing with sponges and laughing
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Turned on its Head

Turned on its Head is a dance company based in the Midlands whose aim is to nurture and stimulate young creative minds through dance. Working alongside families, they use play and storytelling to engage with children on a number of levels.

Liz and Oksana needed a website that could highlight all the areas Turned on its Head works in; classes, shows and the network. We also needed to ensure that the website itself was future-proof and able to grow and integrate new shows and ventures easily.

Ipad displaying turned on its head website
Little boy playing with sponges

As they are promoting an experience that focuses around all the senses, it was important that the website incorporate a strong visual element. High quality images and film footage were a clear choice for this company, giving an immediate sense of the energy and engagement that Turned on its Head provide.

Sponge letters in background with macbook and sponge website in front