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Sponge Play

Sponge play, a blend of dance, performance and play for families and children under 4, has been developed by the Turned on its Head team. The imaginative dance and exercise sessions use bucket loads of sponges to create multi-sensory environments – all set to a fun and engaging 1970’s soundtrack!

Flyer for Sponge Play, a dance workshop for interactive play.

The sessions have been created for families facing social, economic and health issues, and the team have seen bonds between young children and their parents strengthened, contributing to their long-term wellbeing. Turned on its Head was created when founder Liz Clark struggled to find theatre that suited her son who had hearing problems. Sponge play has been developed for all those children who struggle to sit still and who want to engage directly with the fun on stage! Sponge play has been a catalyst for new dialogue between parent and toddler, experimentation with movement and touch, and accelerating creativity.

Creating a flexible brand

The fun-soaked activity has a retro feel, and needed a brand to match. The team behind the dance workshops are incredibly creative – we wanted to create an adaptable logo and a flexible brand to match.

The logo has a strong 1970’s feel without being cliché, and can be utilised in a variety of colours dependent on the occasion! A bank of patterns have been developed to add variety and ensure the brand will retain its vibrancy over a longer period of time.

At a dozen eggs, we thoroughly enjoy projects like Sponge Play. We look to build upon the brand in years to come and establish Sponge Play as its own entity, together with other Turned on its Head projects.

Logo for Sponge Play and a warm welcome tagline.

Web presence for Sponge Play

Interactive play with children and their parents - Sponge Play for Turned on its Head.

Sponge Play needed to occupy a space within the Turned on its Head website, but a distinction between Sponge the show, and Sponge Play needed to be created. The former is an interactive performance, whilst the latter a session / workshop where play is explored with toddlers and their parents.

The landing page has become the go-to area for parents to find resources to encourage movement and connection with their children.  The Spotify playlist used in the show sits alongside video clips and blog posts.

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Homepage of the Sponge Play website - interactive play for all
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