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Flexible branding is the term given to a visual identity that allows the logo to be adaptable – sometimes changing font, colour, pattern and scale – whilst retaining the essence of the brand’s the tone of voice and visual style. Examples of flexible branding include; AOL’s ‘invisible’ identity, OCAD Universities ‘frame’ identity and the logo system developed for MIT media lab.

Jo explores how and why the approach flexible branding emerged and what makes flexibility such a vital part of modern branding today.

Flexible brands - how brands can be showcased on buildings, digitally and in print.

Step up Flexible Branding

There was a time when a logo came with a ’don’t mess with me’ attitude. It would sit at the centre of a brand identity, rigid and unmovable –…

By Jo Wdowiak : 23/01/2017
Flexible branding - why is it the future of brand?

Why Flexible is the Future

Flexible branding, the concept and the term, is relatively new to the design world. Born out of necessity it offers something that rigid, traditional brand guidelines no longer…

By Jo Wdowiak : 27/07/2017

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