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As creative director, Jo is asks the big question - what makes a successful modern brand? Her design expertise spans all forms of branding - whether it’s building from scratch; extending into new waters or rebranding and reinvigorating. Flexible and consistent are the two (seemingly juxtaposing) words that form the basis of Jo’s growing collection of posts and insights. And clear communication with design is not far behind.

Visual identities with flexible systems text based design

Visual Identities with flexible systems

Lorenz makes a strong case for no longer needing logo based visual identities in contemporary design and instead explores flexible systems.

By Jo Wdowiak : 24/11/2023
Top 5 pared back rebrands

Rebrands : our top 5 favourite pared-back rebrands

The move towards simplifying logos and pared back rebrands has been a consistent trend for several years now. Some have come to label the movement ‘de-branding’ and it can…

By Jo Wdowiak : 07/08/2023
What is a visual identity

What is a Visual Identity

A visual identity refers to a set of visuals that are used by a company, service, organisation, product, event or even a person in order to be recognised.

By Jo Wdowiak : 02/05/2023

Creating a flexible brand – Back to Basics

Exploring the importance of creating a flexible brand. Why the continuing trend for flatter, minimalist design is here to stay.

By Jo Wdowiak : 16/03/2022
Creative ideas can pop out of nowhere. Which is really unhelpful when we're trying to complete a design job! But there are a few ways to make those ideas appear on command.

Where do Creative Ideas come from?

Jo speaks around where her creative ideas come from; making time to be creative and surrounding herself with some good eggs!

By Jo Wdowiak : 08/01/2021
Jo, our Founder and Creative Director

Q&A with Jo

Jo is the co-founder and Creative Director of a dozen eggs.  She graduated from Loughborough University with a degree in Graphic Communication.  Shortly afterwards she and…

By Jo Wdowiak : 23/04/2018