By Fran Johnson
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What does your brand stand for?

Defining your value words

At a dozen eggs, we think defining your brand values is incredibly important. So important that we’ve written quite a few blogs on the subject; Choosing your value words, Brand Values: What’s at the core? and How to build your brand in 10 steps to name a few!

We will assume you are reading this article as you want to get started on selecting some words that will help you develop your brand…

What types of words should you use for your brand values?

  • Choose adjectives
  • Choose words that communicate the personality of your brand
  • Choose brand value words that describe the ‘who’ and not the what
  • Choose your words as part of a team – this should ensure you have fewer blind spots
  • Don’t use words that mean the same thing. We recommend choosing three words, that cover the personality of your entire organisation

List of brand value words

Determined Resolute Surprising Courageous
Precise Energetic Refined Organic
Nostalgic Curious Subtle Complex
Simple Progressive Traditional Welcoming
Assertive Experimental Conventional High-end
Casual Historic Realistic Honest
Practical Sincere Friendly Approachable
Prudent Unpretentious Steadfast Spirited
Conscientious Encouraging Hopeful Family-oriented
Down to earth Wholesome Sentimental Corporate
Exciting Unique Imaginative Independent
Contemporary Secure Intelligent Leaders
Confident Glamorous Charming Outdoorsy
Tough Fresh Academic Elegant
Mischievous Industrial Reliable Mature
Cheerful Luxury Fun Economical
Formal Discreet Homemade Ground breaking
Classic Loud Bright Heritage
Exotic Irreverent Collaborative Cooperative
Resourceful Adept Capable Limitless
Sensible Focused Thoughtful Passionate
Accomplished Basic Exclusive Niche
Mass-market Rigorous Effortless Modern
Vintage Rugged Visionary Trusted
Current Timeless Adventurous Vibrant
Dynamic Sophisticated Serious Savvy
Respectful Raw Radical Rational
Playful Relaxed Disciplined Dependable
Open-Minded Opinionated Intuitive Optimistic
Calm Ordinary Reserved Analytical
Laid-back Humble Brash Momentous

A tool we’ve created …

To make the process easier, we created a tool called Brand Words, which is free to use. It will guide you through the selection of appropriate words, and help narrow them down to three.

start tool

Choosing your value words

How do you select your value words? Words that should represent you as a company and guide your decision making.

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