St Peters centre logo, for a church centre based in Loughborough.
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St Peter’s centre

Brand identity for a newly restored church

St Peter’s is a newly formed partnership church centre based in Loughborough, and comprising of two of the town’s leading church communities – Open Heaven & Elim Church. The congregations have worked together to transform the dilapidated St Peter’s centre church building back to its former glory and by doing so restoring it once again to a place of ‘life, laughter and love’.

With a beautifully restored church building the newly formed partnership wanted a fresh new brand to match. The brand needed to be one that both congregations could identity with, have a family friendly element but also work within a more corporate setup.

They took our initial and varied ideas and pulled them together to give a fantastic final result we’re all very pleased with. I would highly recommend them – a pleasure to work with.

Jez - Open Heaven church

St Peter's centre branding, an illustration of the church.

In order to maintain a strong visual identity it was important that both congregations had an agreed audience, purpose and vision for the new St Peter’s centre brand. How would the brand be applied; what primary audiences did they want to attract? Which audiences overlapped with both congregations? With these key questions answered we developed a set of visuals that did the job.

Whilst Open Heaven as a church appeals to students and young families, Elim has more services for the elderly as well as free pregnancy related services. The mix of audiences meant a decision needed to be made on the brand of the St Peter’s centre in comparison to the two churches. The church centre will be used for corporate functions, community events and the occasional wedding and funeral. A brand with corporate styling therefore felt the most appropriate and flexible.

St Peter’s cafe

The St Peter’s café occupies the entrance of the Grade 2 listed church on Storer Road and serves a number of different demographics from the surrounding area, from new parents, to students, to OAPs.

Menus for St Peter’s cafe in Loughborough; menus for breakfast, lunch, hot drinks and milkshakes.

An identity was needed that could sit alongside the existing branding of the St Peter’s Centre and provide a bright and cheerful welcome to it’s diverse range of visitors. a dozen eggs designed menus, signage and posters to encourage customers through the doors, as well as loyalty cards that can be stamped to add up to a free cup of coffee!

Loyalty voucher for St Peter’s Cafe - an orange segment with a stamp.