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Loughborough University

The School of the Arts at Loughborough University have created a new degree programme, Graphic Communication and Illustration – a merger of the two existing courses. The course is highly flexible with students learning to be visual thinkers, applying visual problem solving and ideas generation to a range of design applications; visual identity and branding, app development, animation, typography, illustration, photography and publishing or graphic design in general.

Prospectus poster for the new Graphic Communication and Illustration programme at Loughborough University.

a dozen eggs were asked to create a piece of design in order to promote it. The new course started with its first cohort in September 2013.  Fran and Jo have had the pleasure of tutoring on the Graphic Communication and Illustration programme for the past couple of years, teaching into branding modules from an industry perspective. They are very excited to meet the students who have decided to make Loughborough their home for the next 3 years.

The finished design outcome was a brochure that folded out to become a poster and could be easily slipped into the current prospectus, ready to be adhered to sixth form common room walls. To mark the change, the extended leaflet sits apart from the prospectus, ensuring its presence is established. With details on the course, and a number of testimonials from previous graduates (from the sister courses) we are sure it will paint Loughborough University in a good light.

We had great fun flicking through some very talented student work – branding, illustration, publishing, interaction, graphic design and animation – and picking some of the best! And we just hope that college students will be just as inspired.

Prospectus insert and poster for the new Graphic Communication and Illustration programme at Loughborough University.

If you are thinking of applying, take a look at the online prospectus. You can also read lots of reviews about Loughborough University on the review site StudentCrowd.