The 2014 programme for Creative Leicestershire.
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Creative Leicestershire

Creative Leicestershire is a partnership organisation hosted by Leicester County Council and supported by Leicestershire City Council, Rutland County Council and most of the district authorities. They aim to support small arts, design and media businesses through advice and opportunities.

The programmes they run are designed to ensure Leicestershire creative businesses survive and grow. The Creative Leicestershire team host brilliant seminars and events to train and showcase local talent. They run training sessions to encourage growth and deepen knowledge. And they utilise their networks to strengthen supply chains, advertise job opportunities and connect creatives.

Whether its event flyers, websites or branding – a dozen eggs are wonderful to work with – patient, creative and get the job done!

Catherine - Creative Leicestershire

a dozen eggs have been asked to design invitations and flyers for a number of events, and we have thoroughly enjoyed working with the Creative Leicestershire team. The environment they’ve created for Leicester creatives has been a great success, and with new programmes and initiatives always round the corner, there’s always something new to for us to make!

Creative Leicestershire hold workshops, seminars and events