By Michelle Barnett
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Our 2022 Exhibition Wishlist

We’ve really missed being able to immerse ourselves in the world of design and experience the amazing work that the creative community has continued producing over the last few years. But now more and more venues are finding ways to hold their events and art exhibitions safely, and we’re looking forward to seeing some of it in person!

We asked the eggs what was on their To Do lists for 2022.

For our international friends, The Society of Illustrators are holding their annual exhibition 64, a roundup of outstanding work produced over the previous year by contemporary illustrators. The show covers work in every area from uncommissioned work through to institutional and advertising illustration. We’re especially proud this year as Richard Johnson, a Loughborough University tutor and freelance illustrator (and Fran’s husband!), was invited to include his work ‘Toy Circle’ in the exhibit!

Meanwhile at the Tate Modern in London, Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirrored Room will be on display. Instead of just looking at art, Infinity Mirrored Room is an immersive installation, using light and reflection to conjure up an expansive alternate world. 

Yayoi Kusama Infinity Mirrored Room

Over the summer, Tate St Ives in Cornwall is displaying the lively and boldly geometric work of Argentinian artist Ad Minoliti.  Minoliti combines the Latin American artistic tradition with contemporary feminist and queer theory in a larger than life fusion of colour and form. We recommend including it in your beach holiday plans. You might even see one of us there! 

Ad Minoliti geometric large scale art

Ad Minoliti, May You Live in Interesting Times Photo: Andrea Rossetti

Commonwealth Games 2022 logo

The 2022 Commonwealth Games are being held in Birmingham. As well as the branding and design that always accompanies a big event like this (and we’re very interested in the Accessibility Toolbar on the official website, after our recent blog post on the subject) it’s just going to be great to see a diversity of people coming together to celebrate something great about what it means to be human.

Our Time on Earth is a major exhibition at the Barbican, featuring 18 collaboration from artists, engineers, researchers, ecologists and more, spanning 12 countries in total. Aiming to investigate our connection to the natural world from a global, this should be a fascinating inter-disciplinary experience that sparks ideas about how what our future on this planet will look like.

The Design Museum is exploring the relationship between surrealism and design in Objects of Desire. This 100 years old artistic movement has left its unique mark on all areas of design, from photography to fashion to furniture. The collection will be including examples from around the world across this impressive span.

And finally, the classics are classics for a reason! The Victoria & Albert Museum is celebrating the life and work of one of the best loved children’s authors of the 20th century, Beatrix Potter. Best known for whimsical watercolour illustrations of her characters, she was also a keen scientist and, later in her life, a passionate conservationist. This exhibit explores the connection with British wildlife and countryside that marked her entire life. Including charming drawings of rabbits in jackets, of course!

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