Brand identity and design for Benjamin Pimlico, parent company of the White Hart pub in Loughborough
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Benjamin Pimlico Pub Company

Benjamin Pimlico Pub Company is the parent company of one of our favourite pubs, the White Hart in Loughborough. This revamped venue is hugely popular, keeping the warm cosiness of a traditional pub while injecting a modern sense of character and humour that we wanted to reflect in the branding.

a dozen eggs worked alongside Ben Maunder, the owner of the White Hart to create a brand that can be applied to all aspects of pub life; menus, venue promotion, music events, and much more! Alongside the Ben Pimlico website and printed media we were also asked to make a rather special piece of wall art, tracking the story of the pub through history. You can see a timeline version of this on the White Hart website, and the full image in pride of place behind the bar.

Front and back of business card for Benjamin Pimlico Pub Company

The Benjamin Pimlico font

From the initial launch of the White Hart – before a dozen eggs’ involvement – a strong tone of voice had already been established. Cosy, welcoming and a bit quirky. In part, this was down to the handwritten boards showcasing the specials and what was on tap. All in the owners handwriting. So, when we started designing menus, posters and social for Benjamin Pimlico it made a huge amount of sense to use what had been successful from before. So, the font was launched! Based on Ben’s handwriting – you will now find it cropping up in all design work, extending the link between physical and digital.

Font for Benjamin Pimlico based on handwriting

Hand and Bowl

Man holding some food for Hand and Bowl

Hand & Bowl is the new food concept out of the Benjamin Pimlico Pub Company which does exactly what it says on the tin, serving food that can be eaten either by hand or using a bowl!

With an ever-changing menu, designed to stay fresh & creative with food, Hand & Bowl hopes to be the next pub food concept available throughout the UK.

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Available at the White Hart in Loughborough, you can keep up to date with the ever changing gallery of food on Facebook. a dozen eggs designed a logo that works as a subbrand underneath the Benjamin Pimlico Pub Company umbrella. We developed a light-hearted illustration that explored the (ever so equivocal evolution) of the Hand & Bowl story, using the brand-led illustration style designed for Benjamin Pimlico.

Burger for White Hart Loughborough

Photographs by Ben Maunder

Costa Rican Chifrijo at White Hart Loughborough
The story of the Hand and Bowl food concept