Graphic design showcasing delivery to Bradley’s supermarket, a store selling goods in Quorn.
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Bradley’s Supermarket

Providing fresh produce for the local community.

‘The Heart of the community since 1976’ – Bradley’s Supermarket is a family run grocery store based in the heart of Quorn. Quorn is a quaint village in Charnwood known for the Quorn hunt, and the Great Central Steam railway.

Although part of the national Nisa chain, Bradley’s have proudly retained much of their ‘local’ grocery store feel. They have an ethos of local involvement in the village; supporting the community, stocking local suppliers and offering a personal service.

Graphic design to sell turkeys for the Christmas season for Bradley’s supermarket, a branch of Nisa based in Quorn.

Bradley’s were keen to play on the old-fashioned, village shop feel. They came to us in need of a clearer sense of direction for their design and promotional material. A brand extension to reflect the Supermarkets heritage and community involvement. Also important was the need to stand apart from Nisa’s chain brand in order to emphasis the personality of the family-owned business.

Our design team developed the existing Bradley’s supermarket brand to include a retro, illustrative style and matching colour palette. The illustrations provide a flexible visual language. New offers and services can be given their own identity. Whilst the application of the design is still in its initial stages we have seen success with the Christmas promotions with more people choosing to go to their local supermarket for their Christmas turkey. They were after a series of designs that promoted all the ways they go over and above the larger supermarket chains, including sale or return on alcohol for parties, to glass hire.

Amazing. That’s all I can say!

Jack, owner

Establishing an illustration style is one of the easiest ways to develop the tone of brand. Illustration has the ability to communicate a different set of messages, to different audiences whilst keeping the tone consistent. Often the resulting design work is more eye-catching and opens doors to speak to a slightly different audience.