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Branding to span sectors - what to do if your brand speaks to different audiences.

Branding to span sectors

Looking at Easyjet and Virgin, companies that span into a number of different sectors, to identify what strategies worked.

By Fran Johnson : 21/10/2014
Crafting culture - Jollies socks.

Crafting culture

We are approaching our mature age of 4. As such have decided to reflect and celebrate what has been such a great journey through giving the stage to a…

By Peter Vickers : 20/10/2014
Responsive website - why your business needs a website across platforms.

Building a responsive website: Our Process

The a dozen eggs process of building a responsive website.

By Chris Pymm : 09/10/2014
Peter Vickers joining the a dozen eggs team.

Introducing: Peter

Exciting news – we are delighted to introduce a new member to our team. Peter Vickers will be joining us for the next three months and bringing with him…

By Jo Wdowiak : 23/09/2014
Insights around designing for a lifestyle brand

How to design a lifestyle brand

How to design for a brand when its customers have very high expectations. Branding for up market aspirational or lifestyle brand.

By Fran Johnson : 16/09/2014
Why your businesses need a Responsive site

Why do I need a Responsive Website?

Why do I need a responsive site? Google likes it! Think about the experience your customers are experiencing alongside the increase in conversion rates.

By Chris Pymm : 20/08/2014
Flat design verses realism, as demonstrated by a pencil

Flat Design v Realism

Flat design vs skenomorphism! Flat design seems to be winning with Apple making the change.

By Jo Wdowiak : 11/08/2014
Does your brand stand out?

Does your brand stand out?

Developing a visual language that surprises its viewers and gets noticed. We delve into what Innocent have done as a company, and how we can learn from them.

By Fran Johnson : 07/08/2014
When can holding pages work for your business?

Holding pages – how can they serve you?

Holding pages need to be simple and direct - ensuring the information is clear and the brand stands out.

By Fran Johnson : 27/07/2014
Brands that are driven by content - part of a brand strategy series.

Content driven brands

A number of brands that are content driven have taken a flexible approach to branding. We look at AOL and Google to see what we can learn.

By Fran Johnson : 02/07/2014
Responsive websites ensure content and brand looks good on mobile, tablet and desktop.

What are responsive websites?

Websites need to work on phones. We are all used to using our phones as one of the main sources of Googling, checking emails and social media. You want your site to work for your customers.

By Chris Pymm : 01/07/2014
Illustration of Liz Stokoe presenting to a group.

Effective Communication workshops

a dozen eggs have recently had the privilege of teaming up with the very talented Professor Liz Stokoe of Loughborough University’s Social Sciences department. We will be running…

By Fran Johnson : 26/06/2014